hackers in turkey

Turkish Hactivism

In News by Jeff Pelliccio

Hactivisim in Turkey is an old practice. Since the evolution of  the Internet there have been groups promoting their nationalist ideologies by hacking Turkish national institutions, military and defense organizations, and defacing websites.

The Ayyildiz Tim is a nationalist cyber hacker team operating in the region which was founded in 2002 and claims to be committed to economic, social and political affairs. According to their website they consider themselves protecters of the virtual world fighting against virtual threats.

Since 2002 the group has claimed responsibility for several activist campaigns most notably occurring in 2013 when they claimed responsibility for hacking United Nation websites in Ethiopia and Ecuador. The first documented victim of the group came more recently in January 2018 when Syed Akbaruddin’s twitter account was hacked. Akbaruddin is the Indian Permanent Representative to the United Nations.

Recently, researchers at Crowdstirke reported that the Ayyildiz Cyber Tim took over several accounts belonging to journalists at the New York Times, Bloomberg and Fox News. The news of these breaches come as tensions between the US and Turkey continue to grow due to the detainment of a US missionary and US relations with Russia.

Similarly to other groups operating in Turkey, The Ayyildiz Cyber Tim has shown limited sophistication by primarily defacing websites while more recently compromising the twitter accounts of prominent individuals that are in a position to publish declarations and to raise the awareness level of the public.